Those hazy days


The first few weeks with a newborn are so magical, indescribable and a feeling I wish I could just bottle up and keep forever.

Little moments are just everything when you have a tiny new love in your life; Those sleepy nighttime feeds, that baby smell, the first smiles, those hazy days when you can’t remember when you last got dressed or brushed your hair, but you don’t even mind because you are so soaked in love. It really is such a beautiful moment in time, like no other you could experience. It’s like a perfect cocoon of pure love. The very first thing baby Rufus does every morning when his little green eyes open, is give me an enormous gummy smile for no reason at all other than he is just happy to be alive. He is so pure, so innocent and so loving. Such a gentle, precious little soul.

Choosing the right products for such a precious baby can be so tricky, and totally overwhelming in a sea of options all targeting new mothers. That’s why I chose natural options when it comes to baby skin care, because it’s safe to say we all know natural options are less likely to cause any kind of irritation. I remember when I had my first son Grayson, I was that totally neurotic Mum constantly Googling absolutely everything (tell me I’m not the only one?!). I was so paranoid about chemicals and unnecessary fragrances, or anything that could cause an allergic reaction, and rightly so! Grayson’s skin has always been sensitive to anything perfumed or chemically, he even had a case of eczema when he was younger, so I kind of assumed his baby brother Rufus would be the same in that respect.

For this reason, I’ve always tried to select more natural products wherever possible for both my boys. Nothing is different with baby number two except the fact that I do have a little bit more experience under my belt (-thankfully meaning I’m not a crazy Googling lady anymore!), and the fact that I have a lot more confidence in my mothering (hurrah!)! One of those products I find myself reaching for every changing time are the Huggies Pure Wipes, and as always I look into the ingredients before jumping in with my nappy changing supplies. Huggies Pure Wipes are made from natural fibers* and free from parabens and alcohol. They are also completely scent free meaning they tick all of my boxes-  super sensitive for my super sensitive little soul, and also handy to keep around for my other little terror’s sticky fingers! Perfect for my baby toddler balancing act too!

What are your favorite newborn moments? Do you try to use natural products on your babies?

Han xxx



Thank you so much to Huggies for working with me on this post

*65% natural fibres



  1. Hi Hannah!
    I love those wipes as well myself! 🙂 what is the nappy cream you are using and is on the photos if I may ask?