This Mama life

Eat, feed, change nappies, wipe faces, entertain, sleep, repeat. Eat, feed, change nappies, wipe faces, entertain, sleep, repeat. Oh, not forgetting the coffee, concealer & poop explosions, repeat version of this scenario too! Ah, this Mama life, it’s a bit like groundhog day really, isn’t it?!

As a little treat to break our daily cycle, the boys and I bravely ventured out for a spot of brunch. Now, I say brunch because I could never possibly make it out of the house before 11am, how people mobilize themselves with more than one child before midday I will never know?!; and I say bravely, because well, my almost 4 year old ended up licking jam out of the pot and turning well, a bit feral (perhaps partly a Mama fail letting him eat sugary jam in public?!).

Two kiddos is certainly a juggle that I am slowly but surely getting used to- made easier by the fact that there are a few bits that never leave my changing bag whenever we dare to leave home; toys, outfit changes and of course my trusty Huggies Pure Wipes– I’m telling you now I’d be in a right pickle on our days out if I forgot those! With a jammy face and fingers from Grayson and a poo explosion from Roo, they certainly came to my rescue on this particular outing.

Both my boys suffer with dry skin come these chiller winter months, so I like to make sure the wipes I mop them up with are made with natural fibres* and pure water and are pure and gentle on sensitive skin –  all through day time to changing time, bathtime and bedtime. We’ve been quite lucky that neither of them have ever suffered from a nappy rash- but I put that down to using the best products we can get our mitts on. Which is why we choose Huggies Pure Wipes.

Despite the jam-pot-licking scenario from Grayson, the poo explosion from little Roo, and the fact that I ate my lovely veggie brunch one-handed (which I have discovered can be done with most food items and I seem to be developing a particularly good skill at it!), we had a fun morning outing together, with the help of ‘Nanny plum’, a few cars and my trusty Huggies Pure Wipes, we all made it out alive and in one piece- even if I probably acquired a couple more crow’s feet to add to my current collection.

This mama life can be hectic and all-encompassing, but at that very same moment, it’s so rewarding, beautiful, hilarious and precious. It’s the everyday things; sticky fingers,-the mismatching socks, the constant ‘sorry we’re late’ excuses. All moments I know I want to remember fondly when I’m an old lady with liver spots and silver hair sitting in M&S cafe sipping tea and eating prawn sandwiches, wishing my kids were there for me to clean up after!

Han x

*65% pulp


  1. I love watching and reading about your Mama life and makes me wonder how mine will be! Chaotic I’m sure but a different kind of happiness that I have now! x

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