Super Balanced

Every now and then I find that life gets a little overwhelming; work projects, writing blog posts and photo editing, a business to build, a child to raise, a marriage to nurture, and trying to have a bit of a social life somewhere in between all of that – phew! It’s exhausting just thinking about it all! It’s a bit like spinning plates, and I often find that doing anything for myself falls right to the bottom of my ever-growing ‘to do list’, leaving me feeling a bit like I need to hit the re-set button.

There are a couple of ways I like to recharge and give myself a little break from it all. The first is hot yoga… ah, my beloved hot yoga. I can’t actually articulate how much it helps me to de-stress and put everything back into perspective. I really feel like it’s nourishing my mind, soul and body all in one express hour – perfect when time is limited. The second thing I like to do is take 10 minutes out of my day to dedicate to my make-up routine, making me feel a bit more, well, myself, I suppose – and a bit less like a full-time working mum/robot/slave on autopilot.

Makeup is something that I’ve always enjoyed; even after becoming a very busy mum and blogger I always make sure I find even just a few minutes to dedicate to it. Heck, since becoming a mum I’d even go as far as to say I find it kind of therapeutic taking those few indulgent moments to paint my face. It makes me feel good and like I’m doing something that, in a very busy day, is just for me. Over the years it’s safe to say I’ve tried and tested more than my fair share of makeup, so in terms of the basics I’m pretty confident in my choices now, but one foundation that has really stood out to me and recently made it into my daily makeup routine is the Clinique Super balanced foundation.


Now we’re on the cusp of Winter my skin certainly needs a little more coverage than it did in the summer months, which this provides, but without looking like I’m actually wearing very much makeup at all. I’ve always preferred a natural look when it comes to foundation; I like making people wonder if I’m actually wearing any at all, and Clinique foundation is a clever little bit of make-up that does just that.


It just looks and feels so light on the skin, and is super silky upon application, providing moisture but also absorbing oil at the same time, leaving your skin looking lovely and even. After it has settled into my skin it has this beautiful glow to it, what more could you ask for from a foundation?


Because my days are always so jam-packed with toddler entertainment, work emails, filming, writing and day to day house chores, I never get the chance to check my makeup after I’ve applied it, so for me, it’s really important that I am using products that I know will stay put – longevity is something I hold in high esteem when it comes to foundation! One of the best things about this foundation, for me, and the thing that really made it stand out is that it’s moisture resistant (high five to whoever thought of that!) which means I can have a day in a swimming pool with my son Grayson, and it doesn’t budge. No embarrassing splodges or patches where the little guy has inevitably splashed me. It even survives his bubble bath, which, if you’ve seen any of the vlogs on my Youtube channel, or have young children yourself, you’ll know is a very wet and splashy affair!


But what impressed me the most is that, although it may feel light and like you have barely anything on the skin, it has an amazing amount of coverage – to the point where I find that I only need to add concealer to brighten my under eyes – such a winner for an active working mum. Clinique appear to have found perfection, bottled it and sold it. It’s thoroughly impressed me so far, and my skin has been very thankful for it!

What do you do to make yourself feel a little more balanced? What’s your current foundation recommendation?

H xx


  1. Gosh, back in the day I used to use this foundation and I really liked it for when I was wanting heavier coverage! How nostalgic! x

  2. Love this post, Hannah! It’s definitely so important to find that balance 🙂 When I get caught up in day-to-day life stuff for too long I find a little walk in the woods/on the moors helps (I’m a Devon girl too!)

    Take care – sending lots of love xxx

  3. I love when you do your beauty posts! I know how much of a true love you have for makeup, so it is great to see you do it!!!

    With love,

  4. Cleaning up my home makes me feel recharged! I spend a good hour or two properly cleaning everything – dusting, wiping down, tidying away, hoovering – then when I’m done I light a candle and relax with a cup of green tea. It gives me such good peace of mind! As for foundations, I’ve recently been using Smashbox Studio Skin which is a nice formula and quite natural looking. For a night out or a long day I’ll always turn to Estee Lauder Double Wear though – it’s so long lasting!

    Madame Raptor x

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. Having 3 children, P/T Make up artist, P/T Beauty and Fashion Blogger, building a hair salon business, also a marriage to nurture oh and ever demanding ageing parents,sister and brothers, teenage nieces. Sometime I feel like a slave to everyone else demands and in the end what you want gets put to the bottom of the pile. Painting my face is a little thing for me and sometimes i have been known to take 20 mins GASP!! We have to do this for the sake of our sanity. Great post though loved reading it as i nodded in agreement all the way through.