My new secret parenting weapon

Getting anything productive done with a mini human who’s already somehow cycled though almost all known human emotions by the time you see the bottom of your morning cup of tea can sometimes be rather stressful or even impossible at times. You feel a bit like you’re spinning several plates while trying to keep your toddler away from growing pile of broken ceramic thats piling up around your feet.

Keeping a two year old away from dissolving into a howling puddle of misery is the main objective, getting anything productive done around that are considered bonus points.

This blog post is about of few of the ways I manage to steal some time during the day to get work done.



The first way is engineering a nap, a napping toddler is a the holy grail of parenting. It’s around a hour of serenity, a concerto of blissful uninterrupted heavenly science. If you can engineer a nap then you’ve won at the day but in order to engineer a successful nap you need a lot of planning and some luck on your side.

Any nap past 3:30pm is considered a ‘danger nap’ these are like the forbidden fruit of napping. These late naps will destroy your bedtime routine and leave you twitching on the couch as your toddler embarks on a parkour marathon around your home.

In order to get your toddler napping before 3:30pm you need to tire them out physically and mentally.  I find that taking them somewhere new to play with a friend is the best way to do this. A few hours of running around like they are on fire in the morning will almost certainly give you that much needed nap. Another way is toy swapping, swap a several of your toddlers least played with toys with one of his friends for a few days. This will give you an hour or so of toddler distraction before they move onto the next one. The final technique I use for some quite time is to give Grayson something to watch.

We recently endured a 24 hour flight to Australia, luckily my husband and I have a flying deal that makes everyones life more bearable… we have one hour each to be the primary carer, we set it on a timer one person looking after Grayson and counts down the minutes while relaxes and quietly dreads whats coming. But still, that being said that still equals 12 hours on a plane trying to keep a toddler from having a meltdown, how the heck will I keep him my little scamp occupied for that long? I thought.


Lucky for me, I recently discovered a new secret weapon, enter DisneyLife.  It’s a great little bank of entertainment, movies, episodes & books, you name it. It houses almost every disney film you could think of.


Bed time stories or reading together were always a regular thing when I was little girl.

I loved nothing more than the comforting feeling of looking up at my mum reading while being surrounded by my favourite fairytales and characters. In the same way my mother installed a love of reading into me from a young age, and encouraged me to explore my imagination, I wanted to do the same for my son. The shelves in his room have always been bursting with tales and fantasies.

Story-time has always been a regular thing in our house. No matter where we are in the world, thats one thing that stays constant. We’ll always make time for a bedtime story.


Lucky for me,  ever since Grayson he went to his friend Tabbys 3rd birthday party and found a little rubber goldfish in his party bag, he has been obsessed with all underwater creatures, sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish- you name it.

So Finding Nemo is the one who kept him engaged whilst I fold the washing up this morning! He can sit quietly and look at the picture book or we can also opt for an audio book which means the story can be read to him, making his favourite characters come to life and meaning he is still learning and engaging.

Not to mention we now pack so much lighter for trips and holidays because we don’t have to bring multiple storybooks in our suitcases, pretty magical stuff all round!



So whenever I have a to-do list that I can’t see the end of, or a travel plans, I’ll whip out my DisneyLife app and bask in the warmth of a quiet, entertained toddler.

H xx

P.s If you fancy checking out Disneylife you can sign up here. Enjoy!

* I am a DisneyLife brand ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife, who have provided mewith a free 12 month DisneyLife membership


  1. I’ve never seen the Disney Life app, but I think it’s a great idea! I’ll have to whip it out the next time my nephews come around 🙂

    xoxo Mollie

  2. I always wanted to know about the Disney Life app and whether it was any good, I can already tell by reading this post of the rewards your gaining from using it.

  3. Yeah, kids can easily get addicted to ipad. My son did. He always want to watch videos. Now I try to figure out how to stop him watching videos.

  4. Love the new blog design Hannah! Disney is a saviour with little ones x

    Erin |

  5. I know its an easy way to distract and silent a kid, but exposing toodlers actually any kid under 6 to computers and phone screen is actually damaging to their eyes. as their eyeballs are still under developement. So i hope you may consider not relying too much on those products for little Grayson’s health 🙂

  6. Hannah, I absolutely love that yellow footstool, can I ask where it’s from please? 🙂