Roo at 4 months


As I’m pretty sure every parents says, I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Little Roo has changed SO much already in his first 4 months, I wish there was a way I could pause time and keep him this way, just for a little longer. Four months is such a darling age, I never want to forget it, he’s so adorable.

My heart floods with euphoria every time I look at Rufus. The way he smiles and kicks his legs excitedly when he sees me in the morning is just the cutest thing. Believe me, there really is no better way to wake up, than to see his chubby little face beaming up at me and hearing his little babbling noises. Those sleepy snuggles we have in bed in the morning are always my favourite part of the day.

He’s always been a very relaxed baby right from the beginning, and already has the sweetest little mannerisms; that little shy smile he does when he’s excited and hides behind his little hand is the cutest.

Oh- and don’t even get me started on his dimples…. they get me every time!

I love watching his face light up when he sees Daddy, and the way he looks up at his big brother so adoringly, always interested in whatever Grayson is doing or chatting about. Grayson is pretty much always guaranteed to make Rufus laugh too, which is the most beautiful thing to watch and actually pretty handy in terms of buying me a little more time!

At 4 months old, Rufus loves his little baby gym, especially now he can reach for and properly grab the toys. He likes to sit upright with us and doesn’t particularly like being flat- when we eat dinner he wants to be on my lap so he can join in and see what’s going on. He can roll onto his side, and has just learnt to arch his back when he doesn’t want to sit in his bouncer – which he is very happy with himself for! Roo LOVES the bath so much, I think it’s his absolute favourite thing in the world. Which, I suppose considering he was born in the water it makes total sense?! He kicks around and loves to be gently splashed. I can’t wait to take him swimming soon, I think it’s going to be his idea of heaven!

Breastfeeding is going really well, I love the sweet noises he makes when he’s nursing, and the way he always likes to grab and fiddle with my top- both things I will really miss one day when we aren’t breastfeeding anymore. However, he’s at that age where he’s becoming very aware of everything around us, so he’s just starting to get easily distracted now. This whole stage is very new to me as I never made it this far breastfeeding with Grayson, and I’ll be honest it’s a bit of a minefield when you’re a very tired mama! You see, because he gets distracted, he eats less in the day and then makes up for it by waking more at night…

Which brings me onto every mums favourite subject- sleep. I guess that’s what you are probably wondering about?! Well, to be honest it varies from day to day still- some nights he wakes every two hours and others he’ll sleep for four hour stretches.

Mainly he wakes around 8.30-9 each day and the has a nap at around 11am and then again at around 3 or 4pm.

When he was really teeny, he’d only ever fall sleep in the carrier (which I completely loved as we were always so close but my back couldn’t take it much longer!) but now he sleeps in the bassinet part of his buggy too- I think where I just let him sleep on me for so long he just naturally became confident in sleeping in his buggy- which he HATED initially.

We don’t have a bedtime routine really yet (you mama’s with more than one babe, HOW do you do it?!) but I guess that’s my aim for this month. I’m hoping the great nights sleep will come as a result (hey, I can dream!)

Some days I still can’t quite believe that Rufus is actually here, after the long journey we had to have him. I remember the days after he was born I would just cry out of pure happiness- I love him so much and I can’t believe he is actually mine, I feel so incredibly lucky to be his mummy.

I’ve always felt like he has this special magical vibe about him, almost like he’s an old soul who has been here before.

I just can’t get enough of him- with each new day I get to see him exploring his new world and developing new skills alongside his blossoming personality.

Rufus really is such an asset to our little family and he’s so loved by all of us. I want to soak up every teeny little part of his babyhood for as long as humanly possible.

H xx


  1. Hi Hannah,

    I rarely comment on videos or blog posts, I don’t think I have at all actually. But I started watching your videos a long time ago when you first had Grayson, and watching your family grow and develop is such a privilege. Your videos and family truly encompass what is beautiful in life and that is to love and be loved. My heart broke for you when you had your miscarriage. My sister found it very difficult to get pregnant and I can’t begin to imagine the pain you must have felt. When you found out you were pregnant I was elated.. I cried actually.. I’m a sap at heart haha. Rufus is such a gorgeous baby and Grayson looks so grown up! I too long to move back to Bath, we both share that love and feeling of home there. Hopefully I will get into Uni there but it is very competitive. I think I wrote this just to wish you a happy new year and to thank you. Through all the trials and tribulations of my life your family gave me hope and for that I am forever grateful. I hold your family very close in my heart.

    From a weird little 18 Year old still trying to figure out her place in the world!

    Amy xx

  2. Awww how sweet Hannah. It really does fly by. I think with each child the time goes even faster too, a result of being busier I guess. It sounds like you guys are doing a great job. Re the carriers/back pain. I would pop to a local sling library if possible and try out different carriers. Over the years I’ve found different ones suit different stages and bodies/babies and what once worked might need to be adapted. You could be positioning him a little too low too which can make your back ache too. The sling libraries have trained professionals who can help guide you. With the right carrier your back wouldn’t really ache carrying Grayson (well not for shorter periods anyway). I hope you can find one that works for you better – they are a life saver with multiple kids. We always loved our Beco Soleil.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    Such a lovely post, thank you for sharing 💙

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant with a little boy and am umming and arming about buying a sleepyhead pod… would love to know whether you’ve used it much with Rufus and whether you’d reccomend?

    Love your parenting style and all your pregnancy vlogs in particular have really helped me with my pregnancy journey so far


  4. Hi Hannah, your boys are so lovely. I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I have a 2 year old and 5 month old and I definitely find bedtime routine challenging. It’s not the sleepy, calm winding down that’s recommended/what I did with my first as she’s usually singing and shouting in my little ones face.
    I bath them both around 5:30
    My baby is tired by 6:30 so I have to take her up to bed earlier than my eldest and I lay in bed feeding 1-2hours while my husband puts my eldest to bed a bit later. I feel guilty about that but I know it’s not forever. Like you I’m not sure how people get the balance right xx

  5. He’s so beautiful! 😍 You have the right idea. Cherish this time and as he learns and grows, you will know when he’s ready for sleep training or adjusting to whatever schedule or technique you want to implement.

  6. He looks so much like you in the last picture 😮 <333

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