A Peek into our Living Room

I was one of those little kids who was constantly re-arranging my bedroom like, every week, and honestly- not much has changed. I’ve always been a sucker for a good interior, and don’t get me started on my appreciation for a good shop window! So now, being an actual grown up, nothing excites me more than having a little shuffle around our home to get things looking pretty!

So, I’m spending this evening with little Roo in a sling (which has become pretty standard and I’m not sure how my back isn’t breaking!), and my laptop precariously balanced on the mantel piece, so I can get to write this interior post that I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. I know, I know – it’s been a while since we moved, but I’ve been a little busy you know, keepin’ two mini humans alive!

Our living room is definitely the coziest space in our house, I feel like it has finally come together and feels homely now. For a while it felt a little alien, but nothing a few plants and a new rug can’t sort out hey! Let’s be honest though, it is a very rare occasion that it will actually look this tidy. By that I mean never… Most of the time it’s absolute chaos and we look like we’ve just been robbed – toys and clothes scattered everywhere- any Mamas out there will know exactly what I mean!

This corner is among my favorites in the house, I just love the mix of fabrics and textures. Although, that being said, our sofa is SO uncomfortable! Life lesson learned right there- never buy your family sofa online- ALWAYS test it out in person first. I guess the silver lining is that it just looks beautiful and is totally Instagramable?! Maybe it’ll get squashier in time- fingers crossed!

I picked our rug from one of my favorite home shops ‘West Elm’. I wanted something cozy and practical but something that would still look nice in photos, and let me tell you now- that is quite hard to find! I know what you’re thinking- ‘cream rug with two kids- she’s crazy’- but actually, this rug fairs up pretty well with children.

The copper floor lamp is from Cox and Cox- another favourite homeware shop of mine (although I’ve never quite forgiven them for the fact that I had to thread all our Christmas balls myself…. imagine my rage haha) It was a statement piece in our old London flat making it quite a sentimental and comforting piece, do you know what I mean?

Now onto my ‘Let Go‘ neon effect sign- something Stef and I are really proud to have designed ourselves and sell in our online shop. ‘Let go’ is my favorite mantra to try and live by day to day, and something I find very therapeutic, but often rather difficult. It’s a nice little reminder, especially when the evening rolls around and it lights up our room beautifully. The drinks trolley, ah swoooon. One of our investment pieces, instantly adds so much to the room with a lovely 20’s feel, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I love using that marble top for my flat lays! I just adore that vintage gold and marble colour palette, I think I’d have one in every room if it was up to me!

When we began kitting out the living space with more furniture I knew I wanted to add some mid-century style pieces, that were not only super stylish and easy on the eye, but practical too. This gorgeous side-board makes for a great place to store baby bits- (I’ve even changed Roo’s nappy on there a fair few times), it just looks beautiful too. Oh, and that wall hanging behind was an absolute steal from Matalan!

Onto what is possibly my favourite piece, our little desk. One of the cutest looking nooks in the whole house- it really makes me think of our beloved old London flat. This desk has a little story behind it, which I just love- it makes it such a sentimental piece. Stef picked it from a random 60s furniture site, and we decided to customise it ourselves. We had a little shopping trip with my lovely mother in law where together we chose the paint colours and the door knobs (we definitely found ourselves giggling at the prospect of ‘knob shopping’!) So it really is a special family piece which I hope we will have with us for a really long time.

I absolutely love the fact that our living room has such a mix of old and new pieces, and that each piece has a little story or memory behind it!

Do you enjoy interiors too? Tell me I wasn’t the only kid shuffling around my bedroom furniture every week haha

tons of love,






  1. Your living room is DREAMY! I love that you guys are in a bigger space now and you can really let your decorative eye shine. I love everything in there, especially the bar cart and neon sign. It just looks so bright and inviting!

    xoxo Mollie

  2. I moved into my apartment in August and I already have the urge to move everything around, so I get it!

  3. You certainly wasn’t the only child moving around their bedroom furniture. I remember my mum always popping her head around my door mid-move-room-around and rolling her eyes in laughter!
    I just loved the feeling of new especially when a room has stayed the same for a while!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  4. It looks so cosy. I am always moving stuff around trying to get that perfect arrangement. Is the mirror on the fireplace? Now I just want to have another go at a living room makeover

  5. I love looking at people’s different styles when it comes to interior! I’m definitely with you on the constant rearranging of furniture etc. I think its a never-ending thing for people like us…! Haha.

    Steff xx