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From the very beginning, I’ve poured so much of myself, and so much love into MaggsLondon. Every single process has been carefully considered, from fabric choices, paper weights, and colour schemes to zip qualities and embossing. My husband and I have even been to see the make-up bags and prints being created from scratch; it’s amazing to see all the intricate steps that go into making an idea into a tangible product – it’s so much more complicated than you might think!

This year, I decided I wanted a little upgrade for MaggsLondon. My main goal was to improve the quality of the make-up bags, so I’ve designed them to be bigger than before (for any of you who have an older design, you can actually fit them inside the new ones!) and I’ve added my favourite touch, a beautiful rose gold zip. The best thing about ‘The Grayson’ make-up bag, though, is that all the profits will go to Tommy’s baby charity, who research the causes of miscarriage and seek to prevent it. This is something that has personally affected me so much this year, so it’s a cause that I really wanted to help in some way.

We’ve also added prints to the site too. Each quote has been carefully selected from thousands and thousands. They’re little sayings that are truly meaningful to us, and that we thought our lovely viewers and readers would also be able to relate to. Every detail was scrutinised before the final look was achieved… font, embossing, paper quality. Now we have a small selection that we really love!

Thank you so much to any of you reading who have supported our little business and our family, and for all your lovely words about our new print range. We’re really excited to see where the site will go next year too, and so grateful that we get to be each other’s business partners on such a fun project! This little business really is like our second child, and both my husband and I are so proud of it. We hope you love the new bits and pieces as much as we do!

Tons of love to you all, and a very Merry Christmas!

H x


  1. Hannah I really love reading your blog and also love your products that you have created! You have really inspired me <3

  2. They are so beautiful!

  3. I love both your make-up bags and the prints, they are so beautiful, well done! 🙂 That being said I think I like the previous design of the bags a little bit more (but I might be a bit biased as I own the old design :/) I wish you all the best.

  4. These look so beautiful!! What a lovely idea!!

    – Shii x

  5. Hannah, I love your personality. Everything that you create is unique and different, your personality goes out of you into things you do, make, show. You give personality to anything you create. By the way, are you going to create new make up bags ?

  6. The Love over Gold print is so meaningful to me. I only love having something hung in my house that will remind me of something good. I loved what you wrote about it…family/love/moments are so much more important than possessions. I sometimes I get so caught up in shopping & new shiny things but my sons & husband our everything to me it doesn’t matter. I’ve been watching you since you were pregnant with Grayson because I was having a little boy and I stumbled upon your “Baby Boy Haul” the rest is history haha your channel has evolved so much its truly beautiful, but this print itself reminds me of even your vlogs how you make such little moments magical like playing in the park with your son, or just taking walks ..anyway writing a book. I just never been more content with a purchase and I will hang it and always be reminded on what is important! love you guys , from the states x

  7. Merry Christmas Hannah! Hope you have a peaceful one!