Little Roo

Little Roo,

If only I could have told myself one year ago, that I would be holding you in my arms today; seeing you gazing up at me with your wide doey- eyes, perfect fish lips, hearing your sweet newborn noises, smelling that beautiful milky head and stroking that cute little bit of baggy skin you have at the back of your neck.

No words from my little brain can come close to explaining just how precious the moments we share each day are.

It was such a long, hard and personal journey to get to you, I just feel so extremely grateful that you are finally here, to feel the warm and heavy weight of you on my lap. I’ve been so overwhelmed with love for you that I’ve even sobbed happy tears while looking at down at your perfect face. You were so wanted, and you are so deeply loved.

Welcome to our family and welcome to the world Rufus, let’s make this life we have together an adventure, little boy.



  1. The sweetest introduction for your little Roo. I’m excited to see him grow just as I’ve watched Grayson grow with your family! These pictures are perfection 😍Sending so much love ❤️❤️❤️
    Xoxox felicia

  2. Such beautiful photos. He is gorgeous and looks so much like his big brother.
    I’m really happy for you guys xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love the black and white one of him looking at you – wonder where he gets his dimples from?? Also love the black and white one of him and Stef, the curious look on little Roo’s face makes my heart beat. He is obviously so loved and wanted, lucky little boy xx

  4. What a beautiful boy!! Congratulations again and again. You made a good one 😘

  5. So beautiful! You have the perfect family now! Enjoy 💗

  6. He is perfect ❤ wish you all the best little Roo 😇

  7. A precious little letter to Rufus. What a cutie!!

  8. Beautiful photos. Oh, he is a little cutie. Hannah, btw you look amazing and just glow. xx

  9. The second pic from the bottom! So cute!

  10. Welcome to the world, rainbow baby Rufus ❤️ We are so lucky to have you here on this planet with us! Congrats Hannah and Stef, he’s a beautiful little boy xx

  11. He is such a beautiful boy, enjoy every moment. He’s luky to have a great mamma, daddy and big brother like you guys. Welcome Roo

  12. What a beautiful letter to little Roo! I just shed a tear 🙂
    I am not yet a mum but can feel the love you have for your two boys! It makes me excited to be a mum one day. Thank you for sharing your journey, Hannah!
    xx from Austria,

  13. Just cried happy tears! Little Roo is SO cute… I couldn’t be happier for you all 🙂

    Lots of love, Steff xxxx

  14. I love your family!

    Love from Argentina,


  15. He is so precious it makes my heart melt. <3

  16. So sweet! I’ve just been introduced to your youtube videos again. I started watching when Grayson had just been born and it has been so nice to check back in and see how much he’s grown and that you have a brand new (& beautiful) little one. Congratulations love! Makes me look forward to having kids even more.



  17. Seeing how your life going makes me happy ! Welcome to the world little Roo !

  18. Love, love, love. I couldn’t be happier for you and your family and cannot wait to watch Gracie and Rufus bond as they both get older. (Although let’s hope they stay little for just a bit longer!) I loved the way you spoke about the bittersweetness of being a parent in this weeks video; how you love to watch them grow and change, but it’s also the hardest thing to cope with because that means you let a little bit more of them go. It gives me even more appreciation for my own mom, and makes me feel a bit more prepared when I have one of my own.

  19. Beautiful post, you whole blog is just flawless. Was reading the disney world post, thats how I discovered your blog. You are super inspirational.

  20. Oh my goodness that picture of Rufus and Stef is SOOOOOO precious !! You should frame that… it’s beyond adorable!!

    I never comment on YouTube but I watch your vlogs diligently and they’re my favourite. I love your little family. I have to save the videos to have time to be able to sit and enjoy them (rather than watching it in the background while I’m getting ready for work in the morning). You guys are really special and I really wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! (Not sure why I’m getting all sappy haha)

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