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love the British seaside. Perhaps it’s because I spent my childhood growing up in a seaside town, but just one wiff of that glorious fresh salty air and I feel like all my cares blow away. There really is nothing quite like it, and every now and again I find myself craving it.

Even if the British summertime means the promise of cloudy days and scattered showers, seaside days are just the best regardless, am I right?! So, that being said, I rounded up my boys, and we headed off to explore a seaside town we had never ventured to before, Margate. A Hidden Gem in Kent that I’d only heard of because my big sister Jo, as well as a handful of bloggers I follow, had all raved about it.

So, raring to go with our sunnies, rain macs (you can never be too prepared!)  and excitement for cones of chips, fairground rides and of course ice-creams with flakes, we started our adventure in the quickest and easiest way via the glorious Southeastern Railway

I’m sure if any of you are Mothers to boys, you’ll know that the train ride alone is such an adventure for them, and Grayson is certainly no exception, he pretty much narrated the whole journey for us!

I mean, c’mon, look at how much he’s loving the ride….

Now, having done my margate research prior to arrival, I knew that the first place we’d want to tick off once we’d hopped of the train, was Dreamland…

‘What the heck is Dreamland’? I hear you ask. Well, Dreamland is an amusement park that opened waaaay back in 1880, home to the UKs oldest wooden rollercoaster, it’s packed full of retro and vintage rides, delicious street food, and it even has a rollar rink, Yup, you heard me right, a rollar rink. How adorable!


Of course we weren’t able to resist the candy floss stand (I mean, who is?!)…

Next up of course, was the beach…

Which obviously means an obligatory 99!

Something about that beach vibe felt so incredibly 50’s, and I tried to channel my inner Betty Draper…

My little blondie had SO much fun in the sand, there are even kids rides and bouncy castles on the beach! He ended up on the bouncy castle THREE times, I thought we’d never be able to tear him away!

Until that is, the word ‘chips’ was mentioned…

The sun began to set, and we realised out day simply wouldn’t be complete without a good old box of fish and chips now, would it? We perched in front of the sparkling waves, chip forks in hand with smiles on our faces.

There’s just something about Margate, it’s charmingly quaint, but yet contemporary. It feels quirky, unique, kitsch, intriguing, overlooked, full of little surprises and independent shops and cafes. The perfect place for all things indie and vintage. It couldn’t possibly be anymore quintessentially British if it tried, and that’s exactly what I love about it.

Kent and East Sussex are full of hidden gems perfect for families. If you fancy booking a trip to Margate or somewhere else in East Sussex or Kent, check out the advance purchase offers from Southeastern this Summer starting from as little as £10 (who doesn’t love a family bargain!)! Find out more here

Have you ever taken a little trip to Margate? I’d definitely recommend it! Where do you like to visit in the summertime?

Han Xx


*This post contains a paid for advertorial from SouthEastern Rail





  1. Hey, Hannah! Where did you get your denim jacket from? Xx

  2. I come from a town very close to Margate and there’s often bad press surrounding it, it’s so refreshing to see someone speak about all of the loveliness it holds! It’s such a sweet little town with lots to discover and some amazing little shops/cafes. I was there with my boyfriend the weekend before you guys – I’m sad we missed you! Lovely lovely blog post Hannah, as always! X

  3. How nice!Margate is definitely a must :-)Very nice post and lovely photos!

  4. Ah Margate looks just beautiful! Made me super excited for our trip in August, now just praying for sunshine! Immy x

  5. Your pictures are absolutely AMAZING!
    Also, I really want to go to Dreamland now 🙂

  6. This is such a beautiful post. The photography is stunning & really makes me want to take a visit myself! Well done Hannah x

  7. Absolutely lovely post as always Hannah. You have a truly wholesome and family-orientated way of life and it’s inspiring that you have found so much happiness in the face of adversity. With every blog post and weekly vlog you give me some hope for the future. Keep doing what you’re doing (Stef too), you’re giving us a really unique insight into your journey. Lots of love to you, Stef, Gracie and the little one. x

  8. That photo of you and Grayson on the train is absolutely adorable xx I love Stef’s (and your’s of course) photography by the way!

  9. I loved the photos. It’s like a story 🙂