Embracing Autumn


Today I collected together my toddler, husband, camera and several heavy duty bags bursting with earthy greys, blacks, greens and a little splash of burgundy, all ready for a day of shooting my first Autumnal lookbook.

There are so many things I love about the abundance of autumn; the sharp morning air, the burnt oranges that trace the edges of the fallen leaves, the perfume of the recently fallen rain and of course my favourite part, the fashion.






Cardy | Jeggings | Boots | Bag | Hat

After embracing what little we have of the bare-leg season for as long as humanly possible, this is the time of year I find myself foraging in my cupboard for cosy knitwear, things to layer, coats, and I’ll be reaching for my jeans pretty much every single day. I’m a big fun of the humble jean. I tend to live in them day in, day out, all Autumn and Winter long. In fact, who am I kidding?  Pretty much 90% of the year I’ll be in jeans unless it’s like 40 degrees outside and even then I’m considering just cutting a few holes for ventilation.




Faux sheepskin gillet | Black wonderfit skinny jeans | Black roll-neck | Black Chelsea boots

Luckily for me, George at Asda have released a gorgeous new range of jeans, absolutely perfect for this time of year! They’re made with beautifully authentic denim and I’m pretty sure there’s are a size and shape to fit everyone, meaning no more dreaded the shop for jeans- yay!



I tend to stick to skinny jeans and jeggings in darker colours for autumn and these black jeggings are my favourite of the bunch, they are so flattering, just super comfy, making them perfect for those active parenting days! Whoever thought it would be a great idea to mesh jeans and leggings, I wish I could nominate them for  ‘person of the year’ if such a thing exists.



Stripy T-shirt | Black Jeggings | Black suede ankle boots



 Parker | Chunky Knit | Indigo wonderfit skinny Jeans (you can see these better on my Look-book video!)


My new jeans are a lovely flattering cut, and perfect for pairing with the other autumnal staple of mine, the classic chelsea boot and the berry toned lip.


Aztec cardy | Grey T | Blue wonderform skinny Jeans  | Chelsea boots

Before I leave you, I’ll let you in on a little behind the scenes secret- what you may not have gathered from these photographs is the reality of attempting to take blog photos and film a look-book at the same time with a two year old in tow… behind the scenes was pretty crazy! I was changing outfits in the bushes and Grayson was running around causing chaos, but it was all good Autumnal fun!

I’ve popped up a little look-book video over on my Youtube Channel (link to video)  if you’d like to see me doing my best attempt to model my Autumnal outfits for you!

Ah, Autumn, you are certainly fun to dress for. What are your favourite Autumnal clothing pieces and accessories?

Han x




  1. Wow, what a lovely pictures, so beautiful ! And love the outfits ! My favorite Autumnal pieces are a nice oversized jumper, some lovely boots and a warm scarf (very important). Love, Larice

  2. I love the way you write, Hannah. You should write a novel!

  3. Wow I just had to comment on how beautiful your photos are. The quality is amazing. I enjoyed this post and the oufits you put together. I love Fall! It’s my favorite season, but it’s too short for me living in the South of The States 🙁 lol.

  4. Such beautiful outfits and photos! Can’t wait to watch the lookbook now! x

  5. Beautiful photos and I love your choice of Autumn looks!! Gorgeous!

  6. Hannah your lipstick is lovely, where is it from?

  7. Gorgeous lookbook ! It really helps to jump both feet in autumn. Photos are great and I like the way you’re turning basics into trendy clothes and seasonnal essentials. Hope there will be other lookbooks!

  8. This is one of the best look books i have ever seen! Defo something i will be aspiring too xxx


  9. Loveee all outfits and photos too.
    Loved the look-book video to so so much!
    Shame we from Croatia can’t order from Asda

  10. Sooo beautiful, Hannah!! I love your style and I love the fact that you do not only show expensive disigner items on your blog!
    Lots of love vom Austria 🙂

  11. Love all of your posts 🙂
    Miki xx


  12. You look so beautiful .
    I love your great style and how you put outfits together and dark lipstick looks magical at you .
    Best regards

  13. hi Hannah! you are so beautiful and such an inspiration to me! i love your style so much. do you recommend a good vegan line in place of the leather and suede boots?

    love from Chicago,