Photoshoot at Dawn

The dawn crept tenderly over the patchwork fields, climbed up the old stone walls and through the slight crack in our bedroom blinds.


The soft light it carried with it was perfect for an impromptu photoshoot that morning.


The boys and I had escaped to the countryside yet again; this time, to a beautiful little town called Ketton. As we sat down around the table for breakfast under a large window facing a garden casting long shadows that spilled towards us, we couldn’t help but feel relaxed, and anxiety-free. We all felt a sense of calm, which, as some of you may know, is a rare occasion with a mini-human who could eat a calm atmosphere for breakfast.




As soon as the toast, pancakes and eggs had been gobbled up, I insisted we make the most of the beautiful low hung light, and dragged the boys outside to take some photos.

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Dress – Topshop | Sandals – New Look | Watch – Daniel Wellington


But of course, my little scamp wanted to be part of the dawn photography action too…


After some quick crazy toddler hair fixing, we actually managed to get a non-action snap together – in fact we had almost 20 seconds of Grayson sitting still for a ‘cheese’, and believe me, my son does not sit still very often.


I don’t know whose idea it was to put a rose bush next to a mint door, but whoever they are, I hope they live a long and fulfilling life.


We all wandered around the corner, only to stumble across a hazy, peaceful cornfield.


Sunglasses – Boden | Bracelet – Oriella


Although I’ll admit, climbing up onto this fence with a dress on was certainly not glamorous or ladylike in any way – I’m lucky we were in the middle of nowhere!


…and I’m pretty sure Grace was wondering what the bloomin’ heck Mummy was doing slowly sauntering off into some corn.




We finished snapping and my little scamp ran around freely, without a care in the world…


Oh, how we love ourselves some countryside.



Hannah x


  1. The photography here us gorgeous Hannah,
    I wish we had places like this to escape to here in NZ! The photos have such a gorgeous, calm vibe- I can’t help to wish to get away. Lovely post.

  2. I wish there were more places like this! I suppose there are if you go out and look though 🙂 Your photos are so lovely! The one of you and Grayson where he’s sitting so nicely is adorable! Should really be framed 😉
    x Kenzie //

  3. This sounds like the most idyllic morning. Ketton looks beautiful too. I’ve had my eye on that Topshop dress, I think it’s such a pretty dress for Autumn!
    Vicky xx

  4. beautiful post hannah – the photos are gorgeous and so wonderfully edited, you all look so happy 🙂 xxxx

  5. Such beautiful photography….of course the views are amazing as well. I envy the great and peaceful memories. Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful blog post!

  6. I love the pictures! Amazing. What a beautiful scene.

  7. You so gorgeous in all those pictures. Love you

  8. The photos look just dreamy. The county side looks just so lovely! So in love with this blog post !

  9. This was my favorite part of the video this week. You can just tell by the shots that your husband ADORES you! Lovely!

  10. You’re stunning and I just love that floral dress on you!