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It’s that time of year again; my son is constantly asking to watch Home Alone, there’s a crisp winter chill in the air, it’s acceptable to drink mulled wine, wear pyjamas in the day, light tons of candles, oh and shop ’til you drop.

Yes, it’s almost Christmas.

Time to think about gift giving, and to help you along in the franticness of shopping in the festive period, I thought I’d make some gift guides this year, starting with Mums. There aren’t many sleeps left now until Father christmas makes his appearance, so let’s get started…


First up is a pretty and practical gift (the best combination!), this OralB GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric toothbrush which would make the perfect gift for all those beauty fanatics this christmas & this is actually on offer for better than half price at the moment for Black Friday- woop! (You can find it exclusively in Boots!)


Firstly can we just talk about the fact that it is rose gold?! It’s got to be the prettiest toothbrush I’ve ever seen. Don’t be fooled by it’s beauty either, this isn’t just your average electric toothbrush, oh no. It has so many lovely little touches- one of my favourites being that you can actually personalise your toothbrush by choosing from 12 colours of LED light on the smart ring around the neck of the toothbrush. I know what you’re thinking- pretty swanky, huh? Oh, and the very best thing it comes with a nifty little travel-case not only charges your toothbrush- but get this- it also charges your smartphone. Whoever thought of that is an absolute genius! See, I told you- pretty and practical.

It’s always nice to indulge in a little extra bit of a pamper around Christmas time, and this Origins Ritual Tea Matcha Madness face-mask is such a great little set to bring the spa into your home. It’s nice to give a gift that means that Mums will press the pause button, and take ten minutes out for themselves- something we are not very good at doing! After all, most of us can admit that we may eat too many christmas puddings and drink a little too much mulled over the holidays, so this is great revitalising and refreshing your skin, and who doesn’t want that?!


Next I’ve chosen a perfume, L’occitane Ablesienne. This is such a fresh, light inoffensive smell, but it still has a little touch of a christmassy scent to it. I know that buying a perfume for someone else can sometimes be tricky, but I feel like this is a really safe one that almost everyone would like. Also, don’t you think that the bottle would just look so pretty on a dressing table or in a bathroom?!


Now every Mum needs a good red lipstick. When you’re a Mother quite often you don’t have the time to get ready for date nights or dress up, so a slick of red lipstick is an absolute must- it instantly dresses you up and makes you look put together with minimal effort. Plus it’s really festive too! This Chanel Rouge Allure one (in the shade 57) is such a lovely buttery consistency, with superb staying power and so many great shades to choose from- the perfect stocking filler with a bit of Luxe!



Again something a mum wouldn’t normally indulge in, but happens to team well with the lipstick- Chanel Le Vernis nail varnish. The formula is really nice, a festive colour and a great little add on to fill up a stocking.


Next up in the gift guide is a small collection of simple but stylish jewellery picks, inexpensive and really nice touches to any outfit. This Essenelle silver bar necklace would be such a timeless gift – they sell jewellery for men women and children- so if you have children you can match them which is super cute! The gold circle ring is an inexpensive one from Oriella, and the silver diamond cut out ring is also inexpensive from Brandy Mellville. These would be just perfect if you need to pop your gift in the post as they don’t weigh anything and could slip through a post box easily!

Now, my good friend Hannah introduced me to this Little Book of Hygge, and I’m so pleased she did. A very comforting read about the Danish way of living, the art of being cozy and appreciating the little things in life. It’s just perfect for those rare moments as a Mum where you (might) get to sit down with a cup of tea in the evenings (if you’re lucky!), and would be a cute edition to any mums christmas stocking and bookshelf!


This cute little Bluebird Tea mulled wine candle literally smells like a dose of christmas in a tin, perfect for the mulled-wine-loving Mummys out there.


Another candle which is so well loved by me that it actually made an appearance on my Christmas gift guide the same time last year, is Anthropologie Pumpkin Souffle. I wish you guys could just lean into your screens and smell this because it’s really special. It just smells like Christmas, and it’s one of those candles thats’ scent seems to instantly fill the room, and lingers afterwards too. Great if you happen to be having a christmas party!


As a Mum myself, I know I am constantly attempting to capture my son Grayson on camera, and that’s why this Instax Instant Polaroid Camera would make such a wonderful present, it kind of brings back the charm of not knowing what the photo is going to look like, being able to see it develop, and then actually being able to keep a tangible photo afterwards too. Perfect for the christmas period as you’ll have a little collection of vintagey looking photos to keep hold of for memories afterwards!


Last but not least, these Bose Headphones are a simply perfect gift if you know a Mum who works from home, another practical yet pretty gift. They are sound cancelling headphones, perfect for eliminating distractions whilst working from home, with the little bonuses that they are so comfortable and rather pretty too. They are perfect for wearing on airplanes too as they   Definitely one of the pricier items in my gift guide, but in my opinion SO worth it and such a useful gift too. 

So there you have it- I’ve got the gifts for your mum sorted- happy shopping!

Are you nice and organised for the festive season this year?

Han x

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  1. These gift ideas are wonderful Hannah! I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  2. Ooooooo soo excited about the book recommendation!! Books can be great gifts!
    Also, I really love your photos – they really captured the winter theme 🙂
    Thanks for the guide Hannah!

    With love,