4 months postpartum

I thought I would do a quick update on myself at 4 months post giving birth to little Roo.

I feel pretty wonderful to be honest!

Of course, I’ve had the tough days too, but postpartum the second time around has been a much more positive experience.

I think there are definitely a few factors that come to play in this.

Firstly, I had a wonderful support network this time around, my mother in law was staying with us to help out with Grayson which was just amazing, and we will all be eternally grateful for!

Also, my husband Stef very kindly let me lay in for an hour or two each morning in the early weeks, so I always caught up with my sleep a little and only once or twice felt that horrible sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby.

You see, when Grayson was a baby I never napped when he napped- I was always trying to get things done around the house, but this time around I totally took advantage of the fact I had help, and whenever Roo slept in the day, I’d try and have a little sleep too- it helped SO much!

Secondly, the whole recovery experience felt very different than the first time- I guess because I knew more of what to expect and was more mentally prepared for that side of things. The first time around I had no idea what to expect, and i won’t lie, the recovery process shocked me, it wasn’t something I’d even thought about, and it was a lot to deal with mentally.

This time though, I really let myself take time out to heal (which I learned from not doing so the first time around!) and I don’t think I got out of our bed in the first 4 days after having Rufus! I was very gentle with myself and it did the world of good.

Thirdly, I felt like my birth made me feel so empowered, I felt elated for such a long time afterwards. I don’t think anything could have broken my happiness.

Fourthly, I’d decided to have my placenta encapsulated, so I’d take 2 pills three times a day and it honestly made me feel fantastic. I found I had more energy, felt far less emotional or hormonal and I felt I didn’t really experience the baby blues. Amazing stuff! I know lots of people probably think it’s a little bit gross but I am a totally advocate for it, and if we have a third baby I’ll definitely want to encapsulate my placenta again.

Finally, the fact that little Roo was a rainbow baby, meant that I really wanted to enjoy every little bit of birth, the newborn stage and everything that came along with it. Meaning everything was special, and everything was part of the memory of that time in our lives as a new family of four.

I guess the main bulk of what I wanted to chat about in this post is how I feel about my body after baby number two. I knew that going back to my ‘normal’ shape/size was going to take longer after the second baby, especially at the end of my pregnancy when my bump size was pretty spectacular! (I think if one more person had asked me if I was having twins they would have felt my rage!)

I found myself falling more and more in love with Roo every day, so to be honest losing the weight I gained during pregnancy was never a priority for me, I just wanted to be submerged in that newborn phase for as long as humanly possible.

Also, it’s kind of nice having the excuse to wear pyjamas and a top knot all day every day, right?!

My main frustration with my body was and still is the fact that my abdominal muscles tore apart during pregnancy, which is something I didn’t even know could happen. So, I’ve been told by a physio not to use my core muscles at all, and only do the specific exercises they gave me.

The rest of my body I’ve kind of made peace with, but my tummy still looks a bit of a saggy stretch marked, lumpy mess- but at the moment, but I’m learning to be okay with that. After all gave both my children a safe home, so it has served me well! It’s just going to be a longer recovery this time around.

Breastfeeding made me completely ravenous at the beginning too, and believe me, I didn’t hold back! After the first few weeks though, I decided just to cut out some of the bad stuff I was eating like cookies and cereal bars and cake. It helped massively simply not having those things in the house, because then I was forced to only snack on healthy things when I was hungry.

It’s not always easy to eat healthy and exercise- I do a fair amount of walking and Bath is pretty well known for its hills- so I guess that helps. I also love walking for how it makes me feel mentally- it really helps me clear my mind if things are feeling a little cloudy or negative. Plus, baby Rufus finally like going out in his pram, and will even nap in it too, so it’s nice for both of us.

I get mum guilt REALLY badly, it’s pretty much doubled since having two, and I get it for literally anything I do for myself, including taking a shower- which is just a bit ridiculous really, isn’t it? BUT I’m working on this and I’m trying to take one guilt free hour a week to practise yoga and meditation. Obviously, because of my stomach, I can’t do anything in any way strenuous, but I try to zone out of everything and just tune in with my own body and mind- and man, it does me the world of good, mentally and physically. I can’t recommend it enough if you are a busy mum. I feel SO good afterwards, like I’ve somehow gained positivity and strength to tackle the next week.

All in all, things have been great this time and I’m gently getting back into working from home, but mainly focusing on my boys and keeping a healthy body and a positive state of mind.

I feel like this was a rather quick round-up so I think I’ll try to do a postpartum q&a on my YouTube channel at some point, so do let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Han x


  1. Hi Hannah!
    My name is Erin and I am two months behind you un en postpartum recovery process! (2.5yo Leo, and now 9w Elliot)
    I feel so very similar to you the second time around. First time bfeeding did not go as planned, neither did the birth really, but this time everything was completely different. I laboured for an entire week win my 2nd trying to get my body going, as it didn’t the first time, and even though I ended up win a repeat section, my son was literally born into a birthday party with his auntie and father ready to meet him! I would love to know about your bfeeding experience round 2 in your Q&A! Much love fr chilly Canada 😊

  2. I have 2 kiddos as well Preston 3.5yrs and Kyla 6mths. I feel the same way about the second time around. I had both of my kids at home in a quiet and peaceful environment as well. I find the second time around parenting is getting more difficult as they both age. One teething baby who wants to be held consistently and the other who wants to build a rocketship to go to the moon with Mommy. The first time around it got easier as the baby got older. I’m reading this amazing book right now called mindful parenting, you should really look at it. The book is a light read while your little one is nursing and very helpful in today’s busy world. Lots of love from Canada

  3. I loved this post. Im also 4 months post partum..but with my first. And the mum guilt totally gets me. I havent washed my hair for a week and when i shower..i must be in there a max of 90 seconds… i recently got really down because i literally have no me time ..yet being away from my baby makes me sooo anxious… and sleep deprivation is the worst….its hard to find a balance… good luck to you and your beautiful family xx

  4. Thank you Hannah. I love this update and feels so good to hear and feel you are taken care of on a fronts. Yay and well done. I love this slow approach for mom guilt and one hour away. Gentle. I feel like mom guilt is a beast! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  5. You are such an incredible writer! Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m so glad you’re back on the vlog channel, we’ve missed you!

    Shann Eileen | http://www.shanneileen.com

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