A Winter Dip… (my final thoughts on Philips Lumea)


One morning, the low-hanging blanket of grey cloud that persistently hangs over a wintery London had decided it was time to take a break from its loyal post, peeling away to expose a perfect, unspoilt blue sky. Stef and I had also happened to wake up with a sense of optimism and clarity, which could be a lot to do with the fact that our ... Read More »

Almost a year…


It’s been almost a year since we welcomed our new little friend, Grayson, into the world… I can’t quite believe it. I don’t think it will ever completely sink in that I’m a real life ‘mum’ now… It feels like only yesterday that I was cycling in circles on our driveway and demanding that Mum made my pony tail as smooth and bump free as Shanna’s from school ... Read More »

Feeling Festive.


I’m fully aware that this will make me sound like some sort of strange old lady who shops in M&S and has the last four Country Living magazines precisely fanned over my chestnut coffee table, but I’ll say it anyway. One of my absolute favourite things about our beautiful British winter is the colour burgundy. Whenever the winter solstice casts its icy spell over ... Read More »

Philips lumea – my initial thoughts


Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with being pale.   That English rose, porcelain skin look is and always will be timelessly beautiful. But sadly these words of reason have come too late for my fake tan addiction and I’m destined to grow old and grey orange. At least, that’s what I thought until last week when I decided orange ... Read More »

An Autumnal Outfit


I’d be the first one to put my hands up and say I’m not one of those ‘ultra fashionable’ people that could make an empty tin of tuna on my head look, well, fabulous darling. I never use clothes to make statements or push boundaries, I tend to like understated, neutral, simple and most of all dark things. I don’t film ‘fashion ... Read More »

Philips lumea Precision Plus


Hair removal – it’s tedious, it’s not glamorous, it’s a pain in the bum but we all have to do it… Well, unless you were born a mole-rat (google it, I dare you). If you’re anything like me, standing in the shower each night while running a razor over my stubbly limbs it’s quite frankly an inconvenience. It effectively eats into the time that I ... Read More »

Eau Rose by Diptyque


Prepare yourselves for some serious Diptyque lovin’ here. I’ve been wanting to blog about my new favourite find for a little while now, but amongst the madness of being a Mum, filming my family life and running a new business, I just haven’t managed to find the time to squeeze it in. I know- bad blogger, sometimes my life is just too chaotic but better late ... Read More »

Autumn Apple Pie


Sundays in the Michalak Household aren’t exactly as traditional as we’d like them to be. You see, my Husband Stefan spends all of his day editing our weekly family vlog. Me? I  pretend I am a 50’s housewife, donning my apron to tend to all never ending errands, and finally attempt to bake something that resembles and apple pie for our ... Read More »

Why I make Youtube videos


This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, sadly blogging has to take a backseat in my life now I’m a Mum but I’ll try to be a bit more regular over the next few months. I’d like to tell you all a few of the reasons why each week, I choose to upload personal parts of ... Read More »

New editions to MaggsLondon.co.uk


Hello again, I’d like to introduce you to my three new makeup bags for MaggsLondon.co.uk. As always each one is dedicated to something that means a lot to me. I feel it’s very important to always produce things from the heart which is why I put so much love and effort into these little makeup bags. I never dreamed I’d ... Read More »